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Summer fun is here and so is traveling to the beach. Get your beach checklist here and don’t forget the sun block 🙂 We are going to be bringing you fresh, new news, reviews and real life testing of some of the safest bikini beaches in the world. Check back often as we updating our site to help prepare you for a fun filled trip or vacation. Safe travels is what we are all about but we like to have fun to so enjoy the reading and watch for you tube video’s and check out our facebook page. Thank you,

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*Copacabana Beach*

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Gorgeous, white sand beaches, crystal clear waters and scantily clad women are standard fixtures at the Copacabana beach in Brazil. Live Samba music and the rhythmic beats of Brazil are heard every were thus making these beaches very romantic indeed. If you love sun, bikini clad ladies, fresh cocktails and rhythmic music then Copacabana Beach is the beach for you.



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