COMING: Best Pizza/Cheerleader spots in the world


Pizza, Cheerleaders, Beer & Sun

In true Safe, Trip Advisor fashion we strive to bring you accurate and vital information in order that you, the public, our fans, will benefit and be able to make wise decisions before you book that trip 🙂

Pizza,Pizza,Pizza 🙂 what to do with so many pizza places to choose from. Well, the recipe for a good pizza is love. The restaurant must have love or it is just another pizza place. Also, cold beer and being a favorite cheerleader hangout doesn’t hurt either. In fact, we here at Safe, Trip Advisor love! love! love! that combination so much we decided to post a blog about it 🙂 Below you will find the top 3 Best Pizza / Cheerleader hangouts. If you want to see the Best Bikini Beach in the World click here. ENJOY


The information will be posted soon 🙂

You don’t want to miss this!!!

Safe, Trip Advisor


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