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After a lot of grueling hours flying from coast to coast, from beach to beach, we here at Safe, Trip Advisor have narrowed down the competition to a Top 3 Best Bikini Beach. Picking just one to win is not how we roll. We want you, our fans and family, to be able to have a choice in the matter 🙂 However, each beach is unique in its place in the world. Finding the Best Bikini Beach was not an easy task but we arose to the challenge. Sun, Bikini Beach searching and Surf are a recipe for some good, clean fun. ENJOY

3rd place


Rio de Janeiro
“Copacabana is a beach located in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. It is known for its 4 km balneario beach, which is one of the most famous in the world”. Quotes: Wikipedia

Games Games, everybody likes games. So, we decided to have a tournament about which Bikini Beach was the best and we bring you the top 3. The beaches in Brazil are second to none but Brazil came in 3rd in our quest to find the Best Bikini Beach in the world. The beaches here are spectacular as well as a plethora of tan bodies sporting their new bikini and laying out in the sun but traveling abroad has kind of dampened the desire to go so far from home. The world of travel has changed dramatically. Especially if you don’t speak Spanish. Don’t let this stop you from visiting every beach here though, as long as you come prepared and have educated yourself you will have fun enjoying the island sounds and tropical music here in Brazil. Just amazing!

 2nd place


“Dean’s Blue Hole is the world’s deepest known blue hole with seawater. It plunges 202 metres in a bay west of Clarence Town on Long Island, Bahamas”. Quotes: Wikipedia

A home town favorite, Florida comes in 2nd just above 3rd place. The surf is great, the Caribbean Islands are amazing and breathtaking. It is good to know Spanish here but the beauty is free. We are talking about the beauty of the Bikini 🙂 Everywhere you look are lovely ladies sporting a well fitted Bikini and a smile 🙂 Oh yes, you will find the beach with a clothing optional vibe but we like the beach that leaves a little something to the imagination. Sunblock is the Safe, Trip Advisor tip of the trip at this kind of beach 🙂






Known for its white sand beaches, Tv, Movie and Rock Star sightings and Spring break type of a feel all year around. Here you will find the Best Bikini Beach and beaches in the world. You can only win our Best Bikini Beach completion with one beach and we present that beach to you now.



Playa del Norte

“Calm turquoise waters, pure white powdery sand. Water so blue, it makes the sky look pale”

“Situated right in the heart of the Riviera Maya, Playa del Carmen is the region’s top destination for shopping, dining and nightlife. There’s plenty to keep you occupied here, BIKINI WATCHING, plus Playa serves as an ideal base for exploring the rest of the Riviera Maya. Playa del Carmen is famous for its stylish beach clubs. Offering a pampering alternative to the public beaches, these clubs offer food and beverage services, a variety of spa treatments and aquatic sports, plus access to restrooms, showers and pools” Mexico

That’s right Playa del Norte is the winner

So many reasons but the main reason is the Bikini. Here you can strut your stuff with any type of Bikini and you just blend right in. If you are a Bikini watcher then book that trip today. This Bikini Beach wins hands down and we hope that you have enjoyed this article. Please visit our home page before you book any trip because we have valuable contact information as well as checklists and Pet travel advise. Thank You


Best Pizza in the World


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