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Lets start off by saying no matter what your destination, always be as prepared and educated as you can before you book that trip. These days we have to look out for ourselves as well as those around us. After all, we just want to have a good, safe trip and for it to be problem free. Stay Alert but have fun. Fun and relaxation is what its all about and we have the top 3 Safest places to visit for you below. ENJOY


surf,hawaii,wave,bikini beach,beach,love,fun,sun

hawaii island,surf,hawaii,wave,bikini beach,beach,love,fun,sun lava,hawaii island,surf,hawaii,wave,bikini beach,beach,love,fun,sun

That’s right fans, Hawaii is not only a popular destination but it is an extremely safe place to visit for kids and adults alike. If you love natural beauty, soft white beaches and hills full of lush green vegetation and wildlife along with a problem free vacation then this is the place for you. Island  mountains surround every bikini laden beach and it seems at times that nothing is obstructing your view of paradise. Even a trip to the Hawaii volcano national park was an extremely beautiful and surprisingly safe trip even though we were hiking next to hot, molten lave lol. The people  of the islands are very friendly. From the staff of Hawaii Airlines to the locals in the shops and on the beach, everyone seems to have a care free attitude. It is very easy to find a good restaurant, bar and night club on each and every island. Well, maybe not all of them, which is a good thing sometimes. We here at Safe, Trip Advisor thank you, Hawaii, for all you give 🙂


That’s right mate, good ole Australia made the list. Travel in Australia  definitely has it all from warm sandy beaches, huge desserts and the dramatic Australian National Parks with their unbelievable collections of birds, flowers and exotic animals. Kangaroo, koalas, as well as the amazing variety of birds are everywhere in Australia. The people love their land and respect it and so should we. Please respect the places you visit. It will make for less trouble on your trip that way. As in Hawaii, a good restaurant, bar or night club is easily found on the Australian Island as well as a lot of good, clean, safe fun. But as always, Safe, Trip Advisor warns to be on guard at all time and just pay attention to what’s going on around you. Problems can arise even at a Bikini Contest 🙂 Also, make sure and keep all your emergency contact information with you at all times and have fun, fun, fun! You will not be asking yourself “what to do” on the safe Island of Australia.

kangaroo-australia-beach,fun,love,what to do

surf-australia western-australia-kangaroo-beach

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Best Pizza in the World

LAST but not LEAST


We here at Safe, Trip Advisor have come to know and love the country known as Canada. It as  one of the safest places to visit in the World. The natural beauty is unmatched with its massive mountains, oceans, huge forests and some of the friendliest people you will ever come across. With Canada’s variety of festivals, events and opportunities to enjoy its natural beauty are why it is one of the largest, safe playgrounds in the world.

The beauty of the Atlantic Canadian coast with its vast beaches and scenic cliffs are great for taking that perfect picture or video. Canada is also perfect for hiking, walking or biking with its surreal landscape and endless beauty. Winter in Canada brings desolate darkness with its amazing Northern-Lights that you have to see to believe. Remember to prepare for your weather conditions! The Rocky Mountains, the Badlands of Alberta, the Yukon are just the beginning.
Canada also has fours seasons that provide ample opportunity for vacationers looking for a safe trip during any time of year.


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THE WORST places to visit in the WORLD

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