December 14, 2012

Hungary – “Bikini for girls from 2 to 12 with floral pattern. The top of the bikini can be tied with cords in the neck area and at the back. A skirt is sewn on the bottom part of the bikini. Withdrawal of the product from the market and recall from consumers for the risk of strangulation and injuries, due to the presence of functional cords with free ends in the neck area and at the back of the bikini. The product does not comply with the relevant European standard EN 14682”. says ICQ Global

Safe, trip Advisor says HUH?

As we all know but must be stated “be carful of anything with loose ends as you could get choked by them”. That being said, who doesn’t love a bikini with strings on it? Here are some examples:




We love Farrah!

The bikini has never been safer to wear then right now. The bikini has been loved, worshiped and worn throughout the centuries and we see no slowing down. Thank God! So don’t be afraid of the Bikini, just respect it, love it and for God sake wear it 🙂 A safe bikini, white beach and lots of love is all you need to have a fun, enjoyable trip no matter what your destination.


One thought on “WARNING- SAFE BIKINI

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