The winner of the Best place to enjoy a Pizza and have the best chance to see a cheerleader or 2 is in our favorite place in the world, Bora Bora. That’s right, Bora Bora. Not only do they have the best pizza in the world, they have the best views while eating your pizza, in the world. 2 Pizza places stood out. The first is of course the main one “The Bora Bora Pizza Bar“A great vacation vibe as well as fresh ingredients make up the recipe for good, good pizza restaurant  and of course the view. WOW! We love this place. But lets not forget the little guy. Look up a small, home based pizza restaurant that has a sign out front that says Pizza & Crepes. Ask around, the locals love this pizza place so that should tell us something huh. If you love pizza, beer, bikinis, relaxing and enjoying the view with your toes in the sand as you enjoy your pizza, then Bora Bora is the place to be.



However, in true Safe, Trip Advisor style we like to dig a little deeper into the pizza world that we love so much. Where to go  to get a good  pizza  sounds easier than it really is. Lets face it, if your enjoying the sun and the fun on a tropical  island  like Fiji  or  Bora Bora then you probably wont be asking yourself, What to do? You’ll be asking yourself “Where do I go to get a good, hot, hand made pizza? If you have kids traveling with you then finding a local pizza place that has video games, mini pizza on the menu and free internet hookup is the perfect combination. That way while the kids are playing video games and enjoying their hot, hand tossed mini pizza you can be enjoying the sunset with your toes in the sand and be surfing the internet for the answer to your first question, What to do? So do your research, get educated on Pizza and where the best pizza restaurant is at the next location that you plan to visit, that way when someone says “man I sure could go for a nice, hot, hand tossed pizza with fresh island ingredients on the menu as well as some video games and a view of the sunset over the beach” then you can be able to point that person in the right direction 😉


*also check out*



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