Parvo. What is Parvo? How to prevent Parvo while traveling.


(in an emergency call the ANIMAL POISON CONTROL CENTER @ 1-888-426-4435)

If you love your pet and if you want to know what to do to prevent parvo in your pet then READ ON!!

 Vaccinate, vaccinate, vaccinate!!!

Parvo is spread through the Pet’s feces (poop) It causes cardiac failure as well as intestinal problems including vomiting and diarrhea. This virus is HIGHLY contagious so before you travel or book that trip make sure your pet is vaccinated!!!

Warning signs are Lethargy, looking depressed, not drinking water or eating. Pay attention to your pet please and if it gets lethargic and doesn’t want to eat or drink then bring your pet to the nearest Veterinary hospital. Very important to not give up on your pet. Love can work miracles 😉

The best way to prevent your pet from getting parvo is to have them vaccinated. The parvo vaccine can be given as early as 6 weeks and is  given every 3 to 4 weeks until your pet is about 20 weeks old. Yearly vaccines should be given to ensure continual protection against the virus. Don’t forget to LOVE your pet 🙂 Veterinarian offices use a vaccine called DHPP that can protect your pet from Distemper, Hepatitis and Parvo. The rabies vaccine is also a vaccine that should be given  to your pet at about 16 weeks old. Did we mention to LOVE your pet !!!

Safe, Trip Advisor Tips

  • Keep your pet isolated from other animals for at least 2 weeks after their last parvo  vaccine.
  • Disinfect any food and water bowls, bedding, floors, crates or kennels (anywhere the pet has been) with a mixture of bleach and water solution.
  • Clean up your pets poop and disinfect area with bleach/water.
  • After your pet recovers from parvo, keep him isolated for 1-2 months after full recovery and continue to moniter them as you love them and watch them come back to full health again and be a part of your family. We hope this information was helpful and if so, please pass it on. We need to stop this deadly disease.

Thank YOU,

Safe, Trip Advisor


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