Bikini Beach 2014 ( best of )


If you love a cold drink, toes in the sand and a stroll along a Bikini Beach then this is the POST for you 🙂


Tied for #1    Panama City Beach in Florida

This year they are expecting record numbers of  spring breakers and they will be looking forward to seeing you and your Bikini on the beach and in their pools. Go to their web site to get updates on events, dates, entertainment, club specials and of course where and when to see the BIKINI 🙂


         Panama City Beach offers kitchenettes with patios and balconies. Their large pool is walawala beachside. They have a laundry. There beach side service is the best with plenty of Jet Ski rentals, beach chairs and parasailing rides to occupy your attention if your not into the whole “Bikini Beach” thing 😉


Staying and celebrating with the Bikini Beach Resort Motel if you are in Florida would be a wise move and you can thank me later for the advise 🙂

“A FINAL WORD ABOUT SAFETY: Pay attention to your alcohol consumption and that of your friends. A hangover is the least that can happen when you overindulge. Drinking and driving, whether in a vehicle or a moped, jet ski, or walking along the highway, is very dangerous. Not only do you risk your life and the lives of others, you risk JAIL TIME. Law enforcements will be more present around this time of year due to the tourist attraction and what not so please play it safe and do not try anything that could jeopardize your stay! The Bikini Beach Resort wishes all of our Spring Break guests a fantastic and safe vacation and hope to have everyone back the following year” Bikini Beach

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TIED for #1


Tied for #1 in the “Bikini Beach” competition (2014) is not a Beach but is actually a company. That’s right, for the first time ever, a Bikini company ties for #1. The reason is RATED R, so keep young eyes away if you click on the DuBio Swimsuit website link 😉

The reason for DuBio being even considered for a spot in the top 10 of our “Bikini Beach” contest is because the Bikinis are SEE THROUGH :-0

That’s right, you can see right clean through the ding dang ole thangs 🙂 Gma would be shocked but we’re not 😉

Check them out here but remember ( RATED R )

DuBio Swimsuits

Join Safe, Trip Advisor and DuBio for 2014 Bikini Contest


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