Best B & B in the World

The Best B & B in the WORLD

When we say the best b & b in the world, we mean to guide you to the best, safest trip from Bed to Bed.

Isn’t it true we all say it?? “I cant wait to get back home to my own bed”

Where we sleep is something sacred weather we are kids getting to stay up all night, living care free at a beach rental or you are the romantic couple headed to Lake Tahoe for the first time or maybe your in the middle somewhere it doesn’t really matter. That is the point!



Where are we going to stay? What are we going to do? What are the best sites to see while I am there?

These are often the first questions brought up during conversation when planning a trip or vacation, are they not? Lets start with the first one, Where should we stay?

As trained professionals we have many of our own horror stories about places we have stayed as we are assured you do as well but a lot of this boils down to common sense again. With computers, Facebook & world wide web sites now you can get an updated, live video tour of hotel rooms, B & B, Honey moon or a business suite. Go to school on this one, do your homework and pick wisely. Every second spent on this subject is worth it!!!



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